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If you’re new to this website allow me to introduce myself. You know the girl from Eat Pray Love, where she travels and finds herself? Well that’s me, I’m Harika a bit of a purist, I don’t drink, smoke nor party but and as long as I can remember I have a huge passion for adventure. In 2012 I caught the travel bug, I quit my corporate job and set free from routine. I took the plunge booked a one way ticket to Canada and its since been a life changing game.

When I first started travelling I had all sorts of grey areas going through my mind such as – what if I struggle to accommodate my vegetarian lifestyle? Or what if I run low on money? What if I get lost or can’t communicate with people? What if I’m in danger? Truth is, these are all perfectly normal common questions that always appear in most people’s minds.

The real danger is working the same job fulfilling someone else’s dream with a monotonous regime by not being challenged, mentally, physically and spiritually. I believe there’s a tremendous amount of risk to playing it safe.

Travel broadens your horizons, going into the unknown, exploring destinations you wouldn’t typically visit, eliminating obstacles in your journey it truly is an incredibly exhilarating experience, one that we all have to do at least once in our lifetime – be it a one week trip or a year-long adventure!

Over five years later I’ve travelled across five continents, visited well over thirty countries and despite all odds cannot stop exploring. I have a desire to see and learn every part of this earth whilst sharing my travel knowledge, raising awareness of environmental impacts and promoting a sustainable vegetarian lifestyle along the way.

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