With an abundance amount of knowledge and information these days it astounds me how few people know how to be sustainable when travelling abroad. Ignorance is no excuse so I’ve compiled a small list on what you can do to be mindful when vacationing.


1. Try to stay with locals and avoid big hotel chains and book local hotels or even better stay with locals by using companies such as Airbnb – this is a great way to learn from people first hand living and surviving in the respective countries its more personal you can share stories and potentially even build a longterm friendship. (I can give you a discount on your first booking too)

2. Don’t buy souvenirs from airports or hotel. Purchase handicraft from locals as this helps them personally rather than bigger companies that take a much larger cut simply leaving a small percentage for the locals.

3. Book Local Tours – Same rules apply for tours – always book locally most of the time not only is it cheaper but there is passion that goes into local providing tours versus money grabbing corporates who simply would want to profit from turnaround.

4. Travel like a local – use public transport get trains, buses and trams – most of the time not only does this work out cheaper but you’re being economical instead of using a taxi.


5. Don’t ride elephants or take photos with sedated tigers.These elephants have gone through tremendous amounts of torture and most are snatched away as babies from their families and kept in captivity and tamed in treacherous ways before they are ridden. – Instead visit rescues where the elephants are taken from such places and you can bathe and feed them. In respect to taking photos with these tigers they have been sedated for your few minutes of glory – just don’t promote by contributing to the owner’s financial income. Don’t support this whatsoever!

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  1. Excellent advice. I’d add that traveling like locals (using public transit) can also be a great way to meet people. I had great conversations with locals while riding the bus in Belize, and got some great information from them. It’s always nice to be around people who don’t just see you as a dollar sign when you’re traveling.

    In addition, the advice about the elephants and tigers is much-needed. Too many people either don’t understand or don’t care about the problems with such enterprises.

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    1. Absolutely, I actually met a local Spanish teacher whilst commuting on a local bus in Guatemela and managed to arrange Spanish lessons at great rates too! If this was arranged elsewhere it would have been triple the price!

      Thanks for your feedback Josh. 🙂

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      1. No problem! I once told a man on a bus in Belize that I was having a hard time finding affordable housing in the city I was headed to, and he bent over backwards to help me find a good place to stay. It’s amazing how helpful people can be when you’re traveling, especially if you get away from the tourist traps and try to make friends with the locals.

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