After travelling across Mexico by bus and getting on a boat from the port of Belize to Caye Caulker – this was the first real experience of Belize – Hearing the language in the distance blend with cruisy reggae beats Caye Caulker has cool Caribbean energy without the crowds and huge resorts. It’s a small island with endless turquoise clear water beaches that will have you lost in a transcendent breezy feeling in Belize.


Belize is the smallest country in Central America yet has the largest living barrier reef. Its nestled in between Mexico and Guatemala has a true Caribbean feel with endless white sandy beaches but also blessed with a hot tropical ecosystem.

‘Ehh don’t left tha gyarbage thurr’ says a Garifuna girl to her friend in Creole.

The Garifuna people live in Central America along the coast of the Caribbean sea and are descendants of the Caribs, West African, Central African and European people.

Caye Caulker – this is a great starting point – you can rent cycles and ride around the whole island – there are no roads or pollution it’s a blissful place and because it’s so small you feel part of the locals that live on the land.

You’ll come to the end of the island where Hurricane Hattie caused a split across the main island but now ‘the split’ comes alive at dusk sit on the seats and dip your feet into the water and watch the marine life.

Stop by Pat and Shells tell them you’re Vegan or Vegetarian and they’ll whip up a custom dish for you, I tried some incredible Vegan Coconut curry.

Catch a boat from Caye Caulker and head over to Belize’s biggest island called Ambergris Caye for some spectacular marine life. Home to the second largest barrier reef, blue hole and various snorkel and dive spots to see nurse sharks, rays, turtles, fish and coral.

Have dinner at Omars Rasta Rice, this beautiful little beach town called Placencia in Toledo has wooden chairs on the beach, huts made from palm trees and the sand is thick grainy and light brown sand that resembles grains of thick brown sugar a truly relaxed place to end your trip.


20 Photos to inspire you to visit Belize:






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  1. Ma’am, this is a wonderful post, I am glad that you had a good time. I am going to reblog this article for you.

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  2. Belize is lovely. Looks like you made the best out of it. 🙂

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  3. Looks hot, exquisite and clean!

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