Sculpted with translucent azure blue seas, Sardinia is the second largest Mediterranean island. This underrated sophisticated Italian Island is made up of great culture, interesting history, and simply delightful food. If you want a taste of Italy with an untouched calmer quieter stress-free trip, visit Sardinia.

1. La Madallena:


This is the place to go for ultimate desktop photos. Here you can rent a boat from the main island – Caprera and go along the open water of the Mediterranean and visit the northeastern archipelago of Sardinia. The water is so clear you can drop an anchor amongst the pools of the transparent water and swim alongside the small fish that surround you.

2. Su Nuraxi di Barumini:

su nuraxi.JPG

Take a break from the beach and visit this incredible UNESCO world heritage site. Su Nuraxi is over 3000 years old with mysterious ruins dating back from the Bronze Age. Walk alongside the corridors of what once was living quarters of the Romans.

3. Calsetta, Saint Antioco:


This is an island of off the main island you can drive here from the connecting bridge. Head to a small coastal town called Calsetta where you can try traditional Sardinian dishes and immerse yourself in local culture with a row of shops with local handicrafts.

4. Taste traditional Pilao:


Pilao – not quite the Indian vegetable dish we all know off but rather a traditional Sardinian dish. This would typically be made from puffed rice, spices, seafood and meat but I requested a vegetarian version on Via Solferino which was succulently delicious.

5. Is Arutas:

is arutas.JPG

This is the Mediterranean’s version of Tahiti Is Arutas has glistening thick white grainy sand with clear turquoise shimmering water.

6. Alghero:


Alghero is a beautiful coastal town walk along the beach, see spectacular cliffs and eat at a host of restaurants to choose from. It’s particularly remarkable during sunset where you can dine at one of the rooftop restaurants.

7: La Barcaccia:


A great little find on the coast of Alghero this restaurant is an incredible new one. Ask for some custom made vegetarian options and they are extremely accommodating. Come here to watch the sunset from the rooftop.

8: Try Ciocoliote Caldo:

ciolote caldo

Nobody quite makes Hot Chocolate like the Italians do. This is thick hot gooey melted chocolate in a drinkable form.

9. Neptune di Grotto:


If you’ve never seen huge formations of stalagmites and stalactites this is a must-see for you – even if you have been to similar caves like myself this one truly is magnificent. There are only two ways to access the caves by boat or by foot its only 654 steps – easy going down but its quite a hike climbing back up again. I’d recommend walking as the views are rewardingly worth it once you reach the top and an experience you simply can’t get by boat.

10. Castelsardo:

calsetta 2

This is a beautiful historic town that’s well worth the pitstop when driving from Alghero in the west to the islands on the east. Walk to the top for picturesque panoramic views from the top of the castle.

11. Elefant d’rocco:


A huge rock formation shaped like an elephant this is worth a drive-by when driving from Castelsardo towards the east coast.

12. Drive on the SP5 towards Capannaccia:


When coming from the west this drive itself is spectacular you’d wish you were driving along these windy mountainous roads in an Italian supercar, passing through chicanes and hearing the amplified engine roaring through tunnels from inside the mountains.


When to go:

The perfect time to go is during late May/ June – it’s just before the rush of the summer holidays the climate is perfectly hot bearable weather where you can enjoy the sea temperatures and prices are noticeably cheaper.


Top tip: The whole island is the size of Wales! I’d recommend picking up a rental car at the airport and explore the whole island it only takes 4 hours to drive from the North to the South and approx 2 ½ hours to drive from the West to the East.





  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Sardinia, but after reading this, I’m literally searching flights!! The grottos look incredible!! Your photos are awesome and I love how easy to read your posts are! Really enjoying your blog!! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That makes me ever so happy! Sardinia really is so underrated and a total gem of Europe absolutely worth going to 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    2. trekking cottage apartment February 14, 2018 — 10:27 pm

      Try Easyjet from Stanstead to Cagliari my daughter has booked flights in June and October for just £50 return. You will love Sardinia, I came here 15 years ago and never returned. Good luck.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. We loved Sardinia! Such a beautiful place 😍

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Amazing!!! I really love your post! 🙂 I’m glad you appreciate our island!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks guys and absolutely its so easy to love it 🙂


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